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Registered  Performance  Paint & Quarter Horses

We have a hot water wash rack located inside the barn as well as a cold water wash rack outside. We are proud to have a Priefert horse stock next to the veterinary area where we can safely assist a horse in medical need.

There is a utility room which houses an oversized sink, a refrigerator for your convenience and ample room to store your tack. There is also a large attic to store your horse’s winter blankets or other seasonal items.

We have an enclosed 12’ X 12’ feed room inside the barn which augers in Strategy by Purina Mills from an eight ton silo outside the barn. It has overhead door access as well to eliminate carrying feed sacks.

Stall Construction Features.

We have an eleven stall all concrete and metal stable. It is virtually indestructible. Each stall is 12’ X 12’ and there is also a 12’ X 24’ stallion or foaling stall. Five of the eleven stalls have outside runs which connect to the arena alley. We also have two isolation stalls if they are ever needed.

Every stall is equipped with a Nelson automatic watering system, easy access hay bin, feeder door, safety cage fan and rubber mats topped with pine shavings. Concrete walls 4’ high with iron bar grill to 7 1/2’ provide excellent air flow for the horses as well as provide a social environment for them.

Welcome to our Barn! 

Let’s go outside to the arena.

We have put much thought into this area. We worked in conjunction with Priefert to outline the most safe and functional layout that maximized the use of panels and space. We used Rough Stock Panels to create a 150’ X 240’ arena that features a stripping shoot, a return alley and a Priefert pneumatic cattle shoot with remote.

This eliminates the need to get of your horse to release a steer. Fun and convenient, you will really enjoy roping in our arena! There is a 40’ round pen adjoining the arena for warm up and a trail course just outside the east side of the arena to keep up those cross training skills. Located on the west side of the arena we have seven 24’X36’ outside runs that are equipped with Priefert loafing sheds, water troughs and feeder stands. These pens are adjacent to the return alley and thus can serve double duty as outside runs or cattle holding pens if needed for a large event.

After a full day’s ride in the arena or out in the pastures, why don’t you come back to the bunkhouse or the back porch and enjoy a nice cup of coffee or glass of tea?  Sit down and put your feet up and enjoy our equine video library or just visit with us about horses.

The north stalls have 4’ X 4’ windows while the south stalls have 4’ X 8’ Dutch doors that provide for more direct ventilation. . Large open overhead doors on the east and west ends allow superior airflow during the summer months to augment this ventilation and closed during the winter to keep everyone comfortably warm. This design thus provides for both direct ventilation of the ally, cross ventilation between stalls and passive ventilation of the entire structure.

Stall Construction Eco Benefits.

The structure of our barn was designed for maximum ventilation. It defies modern barn building construction in several ways and relies more on designs from a hundred years ago.

For starters, our barn is situated with the long axis running east to west. This places the broad face of the barn perpendicular to the prevailing winds in our area. We did this to implement a passive ventilation system. The first component of this system is the shape of the barn. The barn was designed with 12’eves rising to a 4-12’ pitched roof, then on to a 6’ rise in the center aisle, topped with a 4-12’ cap roof.

This shape essentially turns the outline of our barn into an airplane wing. By closing the 4’ X 4’ shuttered windows on the raised center aisle along the windward side and opening the windows on the leeward side, we take advantage of the low pressure zone created by the shape of our barn and capitalize on the passive "draw." The raised center aisle of our barn has twenty 4’x’4 shutter windows that can be opened via cat walk to maximize air flow through the barn.

This system creates passive air ventilation throughout the structure that minimizes dust and odors creating a much healthier environment. This, in addition to the insulated roof and the concrete walls, creates a cooling effect that lowers the inside temperature of the barn 10-15 degrees in the summer.

Come with us as we take you on a brief tour.  Safety and comfort are our goals at the Double Diamond D. Here are some of the features we have incorporated to create a functional and low-maintenance facility.